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Built exclusively for associations, Acumen is a data analytics platform that modernizes your tech stack by aggregating all your data into a central repository. With hundreds of pre-built integrations to all of your key systems, the platform provides out-of-the-box dashboards built on industry best practices and tracks all the major KPIs that associations use to assess performance.

ASN’s Senior VP of Information and Outreach used to spend 10 hours/week pulling reports. With Acumen, he now spends less than one.

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Save hours of time spent pulling reports

In many cases, it can be difficult just to get useful data out of your AMS. The task gets even more complicated when you’re asked to pull data from multiple systems like your event, learning and community platforms, then normalize it for cross-platform reporting. We know tech professionals can spend hours each week manually pulling reports. With Acumen, your association colleagues have access to the dashboards they need at any time so your team can stop wrangling data and spend more time on higher-value projects.

Centralize your data

The increasing number of best-of-breed software applications is aggravating an already challenging situation—data silos. Every time your marketing or events teams find a new tool, you’re tasked with integrating it, then pulling data from it when the inevitable reporting requests come in. Acumen centralizes data from all your platforms for easy analysis, reporting and visualizations.

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