Learning Overview Acumen screen

Acumen helps associations dig deep into learning data to track and analyze not just sales numbers, but sales over time, lifetime value of a member, revenue generated and resources spent on each, so you can ensure you’re offering members what they want, not what you think they want.

Uncover insights about your learners

Discover who is enrolling is which courses by viewing demographic breakdowns of your learners. By identifying which combination of age, gender, organization type, and job function typically enrolls in a specific course, you can start to target prospective learners who share similar characteristics.

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Kyle Contrata

“Being able to understand what content, programs, and products matter to those many different professionals has really helped us begin to segment and market our programs and products better to identify areas for new opportunities and growth.”

Kyle Contrata, Data Analyst and Project Manager, The Association of International Educators (NAFSA)

Discover how learning contributes to member engagement

By viewing your course activity, learner behaviors and demographics alongside your other platform data, you can start to see trends that may impact your learning initiatives. You may discover that non-members bring in just as much revenue as members, so you can adjust your marketing strategy to focus equally on both. Or you may discover that members who are active in your community tend to purchase more courses—so you cross promote your community in your LMS and vice-versa.

Drive additional engagement and purchases

Use Acumen to determine if particular products lead to other product sales, higher engagement scores or improved retention.

For example, a member who buys a certain book, takes a specific course related to the book, and also gets certified, can provide insight into which of your products—even ones with low price points—generate the highest long-term value to your association.