About Us

Association Analytics (A2) provides products, services, tools, and educational materials developed with the association professional in mind.  Our exclusive focus is on helping associations make better, more confident decisions.  Decisions that enhance customer experience, optimize processes, drive organizational strategy, and increase revenue.


Our Mission

To help associations make decisions with confidence.

About Us

Since 1999, Association Analytics® has helped associations make decisions with confidence to advance their mission and improve the world.

What We Do

Our team of experts provide strategic consulting, data architecture, data quality management, data visualizations, analysis, and training.

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap. We work with associations to create an Analytics Roadmap that provides a clear action plan and is closely aligned with your overall strategic plan.
Powerful Data Warehouses. We create flexible, efficient data warehouses that enable deep analysis.

Collect and Clean Data. We collect, clean, and combine data from multiple, disparate data sources to create a “single source of truth” for associations.
Interactive Dashboards. We create interactive dashboards and data visualizations that provide actionable insights and empower data discovery.

Training and Support. We are committed to developing sustainable solutions for associations. We provide training, analytics support, and a hosted solution to help your association’s analytics program succeed.

Core Values

• We honor our word and believe our work is a reflection of ourselves.
• We listen, communicate clearly, and follow-through.
• We are proactive and manage projects so there are no surprises.
• We are outcome-focused and results-driven.
• We are committed to lifelong learning and each day we expand our knowledge and skills.
• We are honored to serve the association community and we build long-term relationships with our clients.
• We are compassionate communicators and facilitators, committed to helping our clients create a better future.