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Acumen helps association staff turn unstructured community data into actionable insights. With the ability to visualize unstructured and structured data from all your platforms in one place, you can uncover unknown connections and insights that will help inform more strategic decision-making.

Uncover insights you never knew

Viewing community data alongside your other systems’ data can reveal tons of nice surprises. For example, people who are more active in your community tend to renew at a higher rate. Or purchase more products. Or always attend your annual event. Insights like these can help drive strategic decision-making for your community initiatives while also helping your membership, marketing and events teams.

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Hear how to leverage your community data to drive better, more-informed decisions.

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Steve Doran

“Our database is a snapshot. Acumen is a movie. It shows the longevity of what has happened.”

Steve Doran, Director of Membership and Marketing, National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA)

Identify thought leaders

Once you see your community’s most discussed topics, find out which members are the thought leaders. Who was talking about the topic most? Who are they connected with? Using these insights, you can find potential speakers for webinars and event sessions that will draw the most interest—or even partner with them to write blog posts, e-books and other content your members will love.

Create data-informed content strategies

Acumen makes it quick and easy to view your community’s trending discussion topics or regularly searched terms, helping inform your association’s content strategy. For even more powerful targeting, you can drill down to find out not only what they’re talking about, but who is talking about what.

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What are C-level execs in the U.S. talking about?

If Diversity & Inclusion tops the list, consider offering a related session in the exec track at your upcoming annual meeting.

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Understand key performance metrics

Tie success in your community to the KPIs your executives and board expect in one centralized dashboard. Having all your community data in one place alongside your other systems’ data allows you to see trends between member activities, such as the way community interactions correlate to renewal rates or event attendance. Acumen also gives you quick, easy access to these insights without manual, time-consuming work for analysts.

Start turning your community data into meaningful insights.