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Acumen helps membership executives, directors, managers, and staff make decisions based on data, not intuition. With a single source of truth and complete view of your membership, you and your team can begin to take action to improve the member experience.

Grow your membership

Use your current member demographic and behavioral data to better inform your marketing strategy to prospective members. Drill down into which job titles and functions are most likely to join so you can personalize your outreach and content based on persona.

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Mark Soticheck

“We’re tracking in real-time what our membership renewal
trends look like, down to the demographic level and
understanding if certain types of members are not renewing
at the same rates. Then we can either get out tailored
marketing to them right away, offer programming, etc.”

Mark Soticheck, COO, North Carolina Association of CPAs (NCACPA)

Improve your member experience

View high level and granular member data so you can provide the most value to your members based on behavior, demographics and preferences. By analyzing content consumption, product usage, community trending topics, member feedback and more, you can ensure you’re offering what members want and need to optimize their experience.

Increase your member retention

View retention rates at a granular level so you can make better, more data-informed decisions about when and where to spend your renewal time and resources.

Consider looking at the job title and job function of members who are least likely to renew so you can target that segment with specific content and marketing messages that resonate and offer more value.

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Learn how to get the most out of your member retention data in this blog post.

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Boost your member engagement

Dive deep into engagement metrics to measure and understand the true value of your efforts. By analyzing meaningful engagement scores that consider community interactions, event attendance, product purchases and more, you’ll see which activities lead to higher engagement so you can start to focus your efforts on what engages members most.

Start optimizing your membership journey.