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The Acumen Pulse Report includes a snapshot of your important KPIs – membership, events, sales, web traffic, community, and more—all in one dashboard. By aligning your KPIs to your associations’ strategy and goals, you’re able to easily keep track of your overall performance.

Break down your organizational silos

When your teams start seeing connections between data from their group and data from other groups, something really interesting happens: they begin to work together in ways they hadn’t previously.

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Instead of just encouraging teamwork, give them a tool that drives them in that direction

The events team sees that first-time attendee rates are much higher for active community members—so they ask the community manager what’s driving engagement. Together, they ask membership to brainstorm ways to encourage community engagement during onboarding. Then everyone wants to talk to the learning team because they could see that members who complete two specific classes tend to buy more products and renew at higher rates.

Eric O'Connor

Associations are sitting on a gold mine of data that no one can get to…I told my board and CEO, with Acumen, I can solve two problems: I will increase non-dues revenue and create world-class member experiences based on data insights. I simply need you to unlock the resources.

Eric O'Connor, Chief Growth Officer, American Association of Nurse Anesthesists (AANA)