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Acumen helps marketing teams see what’s working and what’s not—so you can identify areas of improvement and opportunity. You get a single source of truth and a complete view of your marketing efforts, empowering you and your team to take action.

Create data-informed marketing strategies

Pull together data from leading marketing, sales and social platforms, plus member information from your AMS, to get a 360-degree view of your members’ behaviors. You can analyze trending topics on your social channels and in your community—and identify your highly-viewed web pages and most-consumed content. Then you can drill down into demographics for each of these activities, uncovering insights that will drive your marketing decisions and deliver results.

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See how ASAE is using data to inform their decision-making and strategy in this case study.

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Eric O'Connor

“With Acumen, you can see how marketing campaigns are performing and converting (or not), and that’s super important so you can change your marketing in real-time. We ended up profiting $70K on a meeting that wasn’t looking promising by pivots we made because of data we were able to see.”

Eric O'Connor, Chief Growth Officer, American Association of Nurse Anesthesists (AANA)

Lower costs and improve results

Get a high-level view of your marketing efforts by channel —then view each at a granular level to see what’s working for whom. For example, members and non-members will be different. Your members in different job functions, age groups or even locations will be different. All of your different member segments may prefer different communications, and that’s OK. You just need to find out what those segments are, test different content and channels, and make sure you’re tracking it all. Once you can analyze this data in one place, you’ll know what you can get rid of and what to double down on.

Send the right message to the right member

By viewing membership demographics and behavior across all your platforms, you can segment your target audiences and send them more personal and relevant messages. Make your members (and non-members) feel special, and they’ll love you for it.

Or see which trending topics they interacted with on your social channels or community, so you can send each segment different content that speaks to their specific wants and needs. In short, make your members (and non-members) feel special, and they’ll love you for it.

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Don’t blast your entire membership with the same event or product email.

Instead, segment your list into demographics like age, job function, or geography so you can personalize your messages.

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Understand key marketing performance metrics

Give executives access to key marketing metrics in one centralized dashboard. Gathering all your marketing data in one place enables you to dive in easily and get the insights you need immediately, without manual, time-consuming work for analysts. Marketing leaders can use performance metrics to inform tactics, strategies, and investments that affect overall member recruitment and retention.