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Acumen Events helps event teams make data-informed decisions to improve event performance with comprehensive data, KPIs and built-in analyses. With a complete, consolidated view of registrations, attendee demographics, behaviors and more, you can start to optimize your event revenue and attendee experience.

Increase event attendance and engagement

By pulling in data from all your event and registration systems into one place, Acumen provides current and historical data on your event registrations and sales. Use historical behavior, transactions, engagement data and predictive models to make informed and confident decisions about your marketing and engagement efforts to boost attendance.

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Learn how to use data to increase your event revenue with this blog post.

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Mark Soticheck

“We made one decision that largely affected our customer experience and significantly reduced our live seminar programs (25%); however, our margin increased by over 30% and added $400K to our bottom line.”

Mark Soticheck, COO, North Carolina Association of CPAs (NCACPA)

Predict event attendance

Acumen’s predictive attendance model assigns prospective attendees a score based on how likely they are to attend your events. You can drill down into demographics and behaviors that correlate with their likelihood to attend. Optimize limited resources by focusing on groups who can be influenced to attend the event, using data to create specific messages for each segment.

View registrations and sales weeks and days out

Easily compare key metrics including registrations, sales and cancellations to previous years. Sort by key demographics, fee and registration types. Target specific time periods to understand the effectiveness of your promotions and marketing campaigns. Find which audience segments are dragging your numbers down or boosting your numbers up and take action based on those insights.

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Understand key marketing performance metrics

Gathering all your event data in one place enables you to dive in easily and get the insights you need immediately, without manual, time-consuming work for analysts. Event leaders can use performance metrics to inform tactics, strategies, and investments that affect overall event revenue.