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Acumen Major Meetings helps event teams make strategic decisions using historical and near real-time event data. With a complete, consolidated view of registrations, exhibits, sponsorships and more, you can start to optimize your event revenue and attendee experience.

Increase event attendance and engagement

Easily track event attendance and engagement with all your key event data in a single trusted source. Go beyond count of current registrations or aggregate revenue numbers and analyze historical trends. Explore data that tells you exactly why attendance is up or down so you know exactly what action to take.

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Grow exhibit and sponsorship sales

Boost event revenue by providing valuable data to your prospective exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers. Offer detailed breakdowns on attendees, their interests and historical trends to show the true value of participating in your event. Historical exhibitor and sponsor-specific data analysis enables you to evaluate past levels of participation so you can accelerate decision-making and boost participation.

View registrations and sales weeks and days out

Take your weeks out analysis to the next level while removing manual data wrangling and compilation. Easily switch between the metrics you care about – registration counts, sales, exhibits, advertising, sponsorships – and keep them on track compared to previous years. Analyze performance of marketing campaigns and key promotions by date range, and slice and dice it all with comprehensive demographic and behavior filters to find the trends that matter.

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Leverage your abstract data

View submission numbers as a leading indicator for expected event attendance, as well as how submissions relate to overall member engagement. Identify popular themes and help inform content decisions by analyzing submission patterns and trends. Slice and dice submissions and acceptances by demographics to uncover discrepancies and discover underserved topics and populations.