What Our Clients Say

Working with Association Analytics, we not only have good data but compelling visualizations to help me easily access key information to make decisions. With our analytics solution, we can measure and demonstrate the value and impact of the services we’re offering. It’s so powerful. We sometimes have better intelligence and insight on our member’s business than they do. Now that has an impact – it helps us to evolve with our members and to serve them better.

Testimonial Corey Rosenbusch
Corey Rosenbusch

Association Analytics is a customer-centered business. They listen to our requirements, analyze them thoroughly, and build high-quality solutions with a commitment to our total satisfaction. I consider them a trusted partner and a valuable extension of my IT team. I look forward to a long-term relationship with them.

Testimonial Mike Guerrieri
Mike Guerrieri

Association Analytics is a rare organization – especially in our current economic environment – that believes that their success is measured not only by the quality of the product and services they provide, but in the relationship they maintain with their clients. We have worked with DSK for more than 11 years on many complex projects. This is the true measure of a partner and we would highly recommend DSK Solutions to any other organization requiring a best-in-class solution.

Testimonial Derek McNeill
Derek McNeill

Association Analytics not only understands the association world and has expert knowledge and experience with Abila’s products; but they completely understand how trade associations are different than professional society nonprofits—and that we have different database needs. The staff at Association Analytics are wonderful to work with and are very easy to communicate with (in layman’s terms). Association Analytics always responds quickly to requests and they always go the extra mile to get it done right – on time – and within budget.

Testimonial Deborah Nicholas
Deborah Nicholas

Association Analytics is an exceptional company to partner with on netFORUM projects for many reasons. The staff really listen to our needs, articulate our requirements, develop prototypes and deliver solutions — all within a framework of excellent project management. They surpass our expectations on every project because they are adept in suggesting improvements beyond what we had imagined! Everyone there is intelligent, thoughtful, and asks the questions we didn’t think to say. They provide good business analytics and quality of the work is outstanding. Listening and programming are two different skills that every member of the Association Analytics team shares.

Testimonial Carole Stover
Carole Stover

The Association Analytics team has an intuitive ability to understand what we need. They do an excellent job communicating clearly and managing expectations throughout each project. We are exploring our data to better understand patterns and relationships between our membership and event attendance. Association Analytics encourages us to educate our staff on the benefits of business intelligence in order to support our organizational goals and better serve our members. We enjoy working with Association Analytics because they are so qualified and have a broad spectrum of experience within the association space.

Testimonial Susan Stowell Corder
Susan Stowell Corder

We are very impressed with Association Analytics’ knowledge and passion for helping us deliver services to our members. It’s important to AFP to predict and model outcomes and understand what drives our membership so that we can provide the information they need. We feel good about evolving with Association Analytics and growing with them into new tools, new technology, and new partnerships.

Testimonial Galina Kozachenko
Galina Kozachenko

Business Intelligence initiatives hinge on the understanding of the skill sets needed for a successful outcome. While traditional IT skills are required, expertise in Business and Data Analytics and the ability to educate people on how to interpret data must be paramount. We depend on the expertise of the Association Analytics team to really understand and create data visualizations that support our organization’s strategic goals. Association Analytics also plays a vital role in educating our staff about the benefits of BI while emphasizing the necessity for human insight and vision throughout the process.

Testimonial David E. Stephenson
David E. Stephenson

We look to Association Analytics for best practices – and not just on the technology level. We look to them on the business-level to help us determine what the standards are in the field. It’s important to work with a company that understands your industry (associations) and not just the technology. Big mistakes can be made if you simply implement technology and do not consider how the industry operates. With Association Analytics, we see a can-do attitude. However, that doesn’t mean that they agree to do whatever we say – they will tell us when they don’t recommend a particular approach and then will work collaboratively with us to determine the most appropriate solution.

Testimonial Deborah Herrin
Deborah Herrin