Learn How to Love Your Data and Use
it to Discover Powerful Insights

This guide will walk you through a framework for thinking about analytics and show you how to use it to discover powerful hidden insights to help move your association forward. By the time you’re through it, we hope you’ll join us in our data-loving state of mind! 

Topics we tackle:

  • Use a single source of truth to align data with your goals
  • Don’t let your fear of dirty data delay analytics
  • Increase your membership renewals
  • Use engagement scores to point your members in the right direction
  • Know which products and services to sunset
  • Increase your event attendance
  • Prioritize the content you produce for members
  • Use unstructured data to give members what they want

About Association Analytics

Association Analytics is a team of passionate people who love helping associations discover insights and take action on their data. That’s what drive us to create Acumen, our data analytics platform built exclusively for associations. We help bring all of your data together in one place to visualize, analyze, and take action. Helping you grow. 

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