Acumen – Understand. Interpret. Act.

Acumen helps association professionals leverage their data for better, more confident decisions.


Our hassle-free, hosted analytics platform means you don’t need IT to run reports. Acumen is intuitive and easy-to-use with out-of-box reports & visualizations that encourage cross-staff adoption. Our flexible design allows you to choose the right modules for your association and built-in integrations with leading AMS, LMS, email, and finance platforms deliver integrated data at your fingertips.

Core Features

• Comprehensive hosted solution (hassle-free)
Our hassle-free, hosted platform means that you don’t need IT to manage the platform or run reports. We handle everything so you can focus on what counts, analyzing data and making better decisions.

• Intuitive, self-service visual analytics
Easy-to-use visual analytics allow you (and the entire organization) to adopt and easily use the platform. Acumen is designed for business people, not just data wonks (although we love them too!).

• Baseline visualizations included
We built Acumen with out-of-box, baseline visualizations that address the most common association business challenges – so you’re not starting from scratch. These best practices in reporting and visualizations are based on our years of experience and requirements gathering.

• Modular approach by business area
From membership to events to email marketing, our modular approach allows you to implement the most valuable business areas for your association. Additional models can be added quickly and cost effectively at any time.

• Built-In integrations with leading source systems
Acumen comes with standard integrations with leading AMS, event registration and management, email and marketing automation, and finance platforms to streamline installation and setup. If its not in our current library, no problem! Our engineers can develop the required connectors during implementation.

• Dimensional data model for easy extensibility
Acumen is designed using a dimensional data model so its easy to integrate additional data sources, Our software is designed so that it’s easy to add additional data sources. No customizations required.

Core Benefits

• Make better decisions, faster.
When your data is accurate, consistent, current and integrated you feel better about the decisions you’re making. With Acumen interactive visualizations replace static reports and spreadsheets and your data is optimized for analysis, not storage.

• Enhance member experience
Acumen provides a 360 degree view of your members allowing you to deliver targeted, relevant, and timely member communications. Product, service, and content offerings are all aligned with members preferences, enhancing the member experience.

• Improve staff efficiency
Acumen liberates you from manual data management. You’ll benefit from making changes and asking new questions in real-time, reducing errors and inconsistency in your data, and receiving current numbers on-demand.

• Increase revenue
Increase member conversions to your association through segmentation and targeted marketing. Offer more relevant content and communicate effectively with attendees to drive attendance through the roof at your next meeting.

Standard Modules

Membership – tired of waiting for reports and extracts from your AMS? Membership module is a better, faster, and more comprehensive way to sort and analyze your membership data. At a glance, your membership team and business staff will be able to:
• Monitor key counts and trends over time
• Slice and dice member records by demographics and other characteristics
• Quickly produce sorted and filtered member lists for campaigns and communications
• Analyze member retention
• Understand member preferences and interests
• Combine membership data with purchases and other engagement behaviors
• Monitor and improve business processes for renewal, dues collection, etc.

Events – don’t rely on a static after-the-fact registration report from your event services vendor. Acumen powers up your event registration and management with interactive visualizations to:
• Monitor meeting registration and budget numbers daily.
• Compare weeks out numbers over time and by meeting location
• Analyze registrants by type, geography, demographics, and more
• Understand the factors that determine attendance
• Explore attendee loyalty
• Plan educational sessions and content based on attendee interests
• Predict Meeting Attendance by customer segment

Orders/ Sales – Acumen orders and sales puts all the data needed to track purchases and drive non-dues revenue for your association

• Understand and analyze purchases and revenue across product types sorted by customer/member type, demographics, geography, etc.
• Analyze product sales trends
• Find opportunities to improve sales in specific product categories
• Target non-member customers for membership

Email Marketing – Many email service systems provide basic statistics on your email performance but the value is limited if it’s not easily integrated with other member information. Stop logging into a separate dashboard or processing email data dumps. Acumen’s email activity module allows associations to

• Send fewer, more targeted emails – no more spray and pray campaigns
• Compare and Analyze email campaign performance (counts and rates) over time
• Slice and dice email activities – opens, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, etc. by member type and demographics, and more
• Link email conversions to specific results

Finance – improve communication and collaboration between Finance and other key business areas with Acumen

• Analyze dues collected and revenue by program type in simple, interactive visualizations
• Sort revenue by year, product type, geography and more
• Combine expense data with revenue from AMS order to understand profitability by product type.
• Reduce the burden on Finance to compile and distribute departmental financial reports

Community – members are telling the association what they want from their membership by what they read and write inside the community platform. Are you listening? With the Acumen community module:

• Explore key words, search terms, or subject lines of member posts by member characteristics and demographics
• Identify trending topics
• Understand member interests and preferences over time and by segment

Member Engagement – the holy grail for association membership and marketing professionals. Acumen gives you access to data on the most important engagement behaviors in a single authoritative source and provides simple visualizations to understand and monitor engagement

• Supports custom engagement scoring, using data from any module
• View engagement by member/customer type, demographics and more
• Monitor engagement trends
• Analyze recency and frequency of behaviors