KPI Workshops

Measure. Monitor. Improve.


Today’s associations strive for a more personal relationship with their members and constituents.  In addition to solidifying member value through content, resources, and the overall member experience, it’s important to convey mission focus, innovation, and a solid foundation of growth and operational performance.  Association leadership spend considerable time and resources to develop and periodically refine their strategic plans detailing their goals and expected progress in their most critical areas.

Despite the importance of connecting strategic objectives to the decisions and behaviors of the staff who are tasked with carrying them out, many associations lack an organization-wide Performance Measurement System.  In other words, although the high-level goals are clear, it’s not as easy to express those goals in a standard set of measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and drive performance.

Clearly, any KPI must be measurable.  What else?

 • Clear – they are easily understood and connected to critical success factors.

 • Meaningful – there is clarity on why they’re important

 • Prominent – KPIs should be distributed widely and promoted often. Results and progress should be displayed visually so the entire organization are working toward them.

 • Monitored – Senior Leadership should use KPIs to monitor the health and performance of the association. KPIs themselves should be monitored to track performance over time and to be certain they achieve the intended results.

 • Actionable – the KPI should drive decisions and corrective actions toward the intended goals


How to get started?

Getting started with KPIs is a challenge. In A2 KPI workshops we’ll quickly and collaboratively:

 Establish Critical Success Factors

• Review key business questions and metrics

• Choose the best measures for each objective

• Set reasonable targets

• Prioritize KPIs

• Develop a Performance Measurement Dashboard to monitor agreed upon KPIs