Data Governance

Data Governance is the foundation for success in analytics.  A2 has worked with associations of all sizes and levels of maturity.  Our Governance experts help take the mystery out of creating the processes and policies for sustainable, continuously improved data governance.

Data Governance is necessary to ensure your association:

 • has high quality data to support business operations and analytics

 • is not exposed to significant fines related to gaps in personal data protection

 • reduces operating costs related to a lack of trust in reports and data

 • minimizes confusion related to conflicting reports


A Data Governance Framework is a process model consisting of the key components necessary for governing association data. These components include:


• Roles and Responsibilities

• Strategic planning

• Tactical decision making

• Process Management

• Stewardship

• Organization structure

• Data Governance Policy

• Risk / Issue management process

• Data Quality management process


How to Get Started

Getting started with Data Governance can be difficult.  We created the Data Governance Jumpstart to quickly design and implement a lightweight Data Governance framework in only a few months.  Build on this early success to create a more mature Governance framework.

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