Association Challenge: How can we identify & encourage ‘customers’ to become members?

Our client did not understand the size and demographics (type, sector, etc.) of their prospect base.

In addition to their members, they have regular contributors who are engaged with the organization as authors or reviewers of published content.The association was eager to convert these authors and contributors into members. They intuitively know that this highly engaged group could be easily converted.

However, the association couldn’t identify and sort the prospect data by role(s) and demographics. Without that information, they couldn’t develop targeted messaging that would help convert these prospects.

Association Analytics Solution: Create data visualizations that group prospects by activity and interests

The Association Analytics team collected, cleaned and joined all the data about authors (cited and not-cited), reviewers, members (current and past), and meeting attendance.  We created visualizations to group them and show their activity and interests.

The Results: 

With the data analytics developed by Association Analytics, the association can now see the big picture view of all of the types of customers (segments). They can quickly see how each segment relates to the others (which are larger and which are smaller).

They can access and export the underlying data and utilize it for targeted email campaigns to prospective members. Now that they have data to support what they know about each member, they can communicate in a more meaningful way, instead of “spray and pray”.

The next phase is to determine the lifetime value for each type of customer if they are:

  1. NOT generating a lot of revenue –determine how to better engage and add more value.
  2. Generating a lot of revenue – they want to keep them!