The end of the year is such a natural time to reflect on the prior year and make predictions for the upcoming year.  I can’t resist sharing my 2014 data highlights and predictions about data trends for 2015.


  1. Google Analytics Universal Analytics Format: the updated format officially transitioned out of beta and is now the de facto standard.  Associations with the old tracking code will soon be required to update or risk losing Google Analytics tracking data.  The new version provides benefits such as simpler and more accurate cross domain tracking, more accessible configuration options in the admin panel, new reporting features, and custom dimensions and custom metrics.  And of course a custom dimension is your gateway to user tracking that allows you to blend with other data sources for more powerful insights.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 – data collection is still growing rapidly and this new version aims to address that with new features for speedier queries and tighter integration with the cloud.  Associations ready to build a data mart will find SQL Server 2014 to be an excellent foundation for doing so.
  3. ASAE Technology Conference & Expo – the recently completed event went out with a bang where ASAE’s Chief Information Officer, Reggie Henry, highlighted 3D printers, drones, and Bluetooth beacons.  And that’s not all – he also asked our CEO, Debbie King, “What do all these things have in common?” The answer of course is DATA!! Connecting data and understanding the story it is telling will become one of the most important skills in the coming decade.


  1. Adoption – more associations than ever before will be implementing a data analytics initiative to convert their organization into one that is data guided
  2. Advanced Analytics – Associations that have been using analytics for a year or more will take the next steps and start initiatives that utilize predictive analytics and big data
  3. Real time Analytics – I expect a breakthrough that makes it easier and faster to have up to the minute data for analysis. Scheduled ETL data refreshes have worked ok so far, but the world is moving too fast for us to stay satisfied with that standard implementation for long.

There you have it, my reflections on the past year and hopes for the future one.  Happy New Year!