Association Challenge: What is the most profitable event per attendee?

Our association client was not able to see the full picture for their event registration. They had registration counts and revenue information available from their CMS and expense and budget information in their accounting software. They could not answer this question: what is the most profitable event per attendee – is it our large conferences or smaller regional events?

Association Analytics Solution: Use Data Analytics to enable data-guided event planning

We collected, cleaned and joined all the data about meeting attendance, budgets and financials from various systems. We then created attractive and intuitive data visualizations to clearly display the combined and aggregated information. The results were made available to all the association staff and board members.

The Results:

By presenting the information in a combined and visual way, the association can clearly see which events have higher margins.

Now the staff is able to clearly determine how complimentary registrations, registration pricing, and expenses impact the bottom line. They can drill down on an event with a higher than average margin to view the detailed expense data alongside the collected registration fees. This helps each staff person make better decisions about the event, from establishing registration pricing to ordering onsite meals.

Additionally, the events team can view real-time registration revenue compared to the budget. This allows them to be flexible and make more informed decisions closer to the time of the event.