Healthcare association using data to make real changes

Like most associations, The American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) had tons of data but no easy way to access it. After hours of manually building spreadsheets and still not getting the insights he needed, Chief Growth Officer, Eric O’Connor, turned to Association Analytics for help. 

In this case study, you’ll learn AANA was able to leverage data analytics to:

  • Profit $70k on a meeting that wasn’t looking promising

  • Find holes and broken processes that were costing them money

  • Validate and invalidate long-held assumptions about renewal rates


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About Association Analytics
Association Analytics is a team of passionate people who love helping associations discover insights and take action on their data. That’s what drove us to create Acumen, our data analytics platform built exclusively for associations. We help you bring all of your data together in one place to visualize, analyze and take action. Helping you grow.

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