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Case Study: Understanding and Optimizing Membership Dues Collection

Association Challenge: Which members are late paying their dues and which members are ‘at risk’?

Our client, a trade association, was struggling with dues collections. They were unable to identify those members who were late paying their dues due to the complexity of their dues structure.

They also could not tell if paying late was normal for those individuals or not. Not knowing the members’ typical payment scheduled made it impossible to determine which members were just lapsed and which were at risk of dropping membership altogether.

The association was not sure which members they need to push to pay for renewal or whether this was their normal behavior.

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Case Study: Using Data Analytics to Convert Prospects to Members

Association Challenge: How can we identify & encourage ‘customers’ to become members?

Our client did not understand the size and demographics (type, sector, etc.) of their prospect base.

In addition to their members, they have regular contributors who are engaged with the organization as authors or reviewers of published content.The association was eager to convert these authors and contributors into members. They intuitively know that this highly engaged group could be easily converted.

However, the association couldn’t identify and sort the prospect data by role(s) and demographics. Without that information, they couldn’t develop targeted messaging that would help convert these prospects. Read More→

Case Study: Predicting Event Attendance to Improve Planning & Drive Revenue

Association Challenge:  How can we predict attendance so we can improve event planning and drive revenue?

The association’s annual conference was its largest source of revenue. They used email campaigns and direct mail to stay in touch with prospective attendees, but were unable to confidently estimate expected attendance, registration costs, venue amenities needed, on site staffing levels, and more.

Association Analytics Solution: Collect all critical event data in a central location and create data visualizations

Association Analytics implemented a data warehouse and created data marts. The data warehouse contains key information from several disparate sources. It became the single source for event-related data, including customer information, past event attendance, membership history, committee participation, key demographics, and engagement factors. Read More→

Case Study: Data-Guided Market Analysis for Product, Service, and Pricing Decisions

Challenge: How to set the right price for membership, events, and other products?

An association we work with was having difficulty creating a pricing strategy because they didn’t fully understand their market.

Historical data on supply, demand, consumption as well as company size was available on the internet, but the association couldn’t determine pricing based on their research.

The association couldn’t figure out the right price for membership, events, and other products. Which of their offerings should have the highest price?  Which of their services and products would be in highest demand? Which region should they focus on initially? Read More→

Case Study: Association for Financial Professionals AFP

Association Challenge: How can we get customized web analytics reports to our website sponsors?

The Association for Financial Professional’s London sister company gtnews converted to a new CMS and then needed reporting for their website sponsors. gtnews asked for customized web analytics reporting tools to meet their contractual obligations to website sponsors.

Association Analytics Solution: Combine web analytics data into a single source for powerful customized reporting

Association Analytics created a data mart on a separate BI SQL Server and developed several Microsoft.NET C# applications that pulled data from three separate sources (Ektron, Google Analytics, and netFORUM) and inserted it onto the local BI SQL Server. Read More→