Microsoft will be releasing SQL Server 2014 on April 1st and they will do so knowing that SQL Server is the most installed database in the world.  Additionally,  the amount of data being collected worldwide and waiting to be processed (or currently being processed) is growing tenfold every five years.  With such an enormous installation base, it is only a matter of time until customers adopt this version of SQL Server and take advantage of two of the most important new features targeted at addressing the massive amounts of data. SQL Server 14 for Associations


All database developers have at some point come across a table (or a set of tables) so large that it requires waiting for data to load over an uncomfortably-long period of time. Unfortunately sometimes the user experience is even worse.  However, Microsoft has improved query performance by implementing an “In-Memory Columnstore.”  Here are some highlights of how your association can benefit from this feature:

  • It reduces the amount of data that needs to be processed. This is thanks to the new ability to look at specific columns, instead of using the traditional method which only allowed you to look at data by rows
  • It puts the data into memory – which is faster
  • Data is compressed up to 10 times and can also be indexed when stored in the Columnstore
  • Example: “By using In-Memory Columnstore, we were able to extract 100 million records in 2 or 3 seconds versus the 30 minutes required previously.”   – Bank of Nagoya

Hybrid Platform:

Database availability and scaling are critical to association professionals accessing data on the go and managing the daily increase of data storage requirements. The convergence of on premise installation and the cloud-enabled features of SQL Server 2014, such as cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery create a new hybrid platform configuration. This hybrid platform is designed to reduce costs, improve business continuity and simplify your recovery plan. If you decide to completely move to the cloud, there is a cloud migration wizard to transfer your entire SQL Server to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

It will be extremely interesting to see if the adoption of this version of SQL Server will shift the current cloud implementation trend dramatically.  For cloud providers, the new Columstore feature should help them provide faster data access, which will allow premise-based implementations to benefit.  Install, query, benchmark and share your results!