The 2017 ASAE Tech Conference was yet another stellar event. Thank you to the entire ASAE team who managed the show—making it a wonderful experience for us to both participate and contribute. Some were there to learn, others to show and some just for fun! We were there for all three! 

Aside from exhibiting, we offered attendees the opportunity to get their DAMM (Data Analytics Maturity Model) Score at our booth,presented with clients at three different sessions and held a dinner at Voltaggio Brothers Steak House.


Speaking at the 2018 ASAE Technology Conference

Digital Convergence: Data Strategy

Our friends at Community Brands asked us to co-present a segment with Sigmund VanDamme during the Digital Convergence pre-conference workshop they hosted in conjunction with ASAE. We shared 5 areas that associations can assess as part of the Data Analytics Maturity Model (DAMM).

Keep It Clean: Harness the Power of Gold Standard Data Hygiene

Another pre-conference session was co-presented by our own Julie Sciullo and Sean Hewitt along with Adam Rosenbaum from CASE. This session was about developing meaningful KPIs to get more from data analytics.

Turbo Charge your Analytics with Agile Data Warehousing

Lastly, I co-presented a session with Ric Camacho from Specialty Food Association Inc. where we took a look at how the Specialty Food Association went from 0 to 60 in record time using a practical approach to bring useful data to their team in order to make decisions.

How ASAE Uses Data Analytics & Visualizations

During the opening keynote to the conference ASAE CIO Reggie Henry revealed a look at a real-time dashboard we helped create. This tool is incredibly powerful with data being pulled from multiple data sources including much of it from ASAE’s Collaborate community powered by Higher Logic.



Why is this so powerful? Simply put, it helps ASAE know and understand what members are talking about.

For example, the word cloud you see here is dynamic and has a drill-down capability that changes with the most relevant topics for the community.

On the top right, you can see a certain member type. On the bottom right, you can see member years. This is helpful, for example, if you’d like to filter all the “new” members to find out what they’re interested in topic wise based on community discussions.



This next image of the dashboard provides an overview, so you can see what different users have been doing. You’re able to see what prospects or former members have been doing in order to get a sense for the engagement level of these two different groups. Then you can drill down to see exactly why on is more engaged over another—pinpointing which ones are at risk and if something can be done to prevent decreased engagement.

These examples just scratch the surface regarding how the data captured in key systems can be visualized, analyzed, and then inform key discussions within an association.

Thank you to Reggie Henry for sharing the dashboard with attendees and also Andy Steggles at Higher Logic for sharing the dashboard during his session titled 5 Keys to Disrupting Member Engagement, Improving Satisfaction and Growing Retention. We’re proud of the work that’s been down and even more excited about the impact it can have on associations who begin to harness data in this manner.

Dinner at Voltaggio Brothers Steak House

Rounding out the conference, we had a intimate dinner with some clients at the wonderful Voltaggio Brothers Steak House inside MGM National Harbor. It was a treat to spend quality time with great people! The conversation was an enjoyable mix of personal and business oriented topics—something we look forward to at events such as these.


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