Association Analytics Names Mark Lowry as President and Chief Revenue Officer

Association Analytics Names Mark Lowry as President and Chief Revenue Officer

(Washington, DC— August 16, 2018) Association Analytics, the leading data analytics company for associations, has named Mark Lowry as President and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), embracing his spirit of collaboration, passion for client education, and vision for association innovation.

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Mark is a natural fit to amplify the culture that makes Association Analytics the team of experts that professionals trust. His vision is complementary to mine and will launch the Acumen analytics platform on a far greater scale, innovating exponentially more associations. He creates opportunities for clients to exchange ideas and successes with one another. His proven record of establishing partnerships with leading industry solution providers has empowered thousands of associations to grow through alliances and technical resources”, said CEO, Julie Sciullo. With his direction as Chief Revenue Officer at Higher Logic, the leader in online community platforms and an Association Analytics partner, the organization experienced tremendous year-over-year growth, expanding from a couple employees to well over 300, as well as ranking in Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

Often quoted referring to client engagement and technology with high energy terms like “jumpstart” and “turbocharge”, Mark impacts our industry by imparting best practices through Associations Now, CRMUG Magazine, popular blogs, and as a featured presenter at conferences. The transformations in his wake propel him around the globe, educating professionals about the importance of collaborative platforms and related technologies.

To harness the power of insights pulled out of community, Reggie Henry, CIO at ASAE, worked in concert with Mark, integrating their data with the ASAE data stored in their Association Analytics’ Acumen platform. The engagement trends brought to light were featured in a case study where Reggie shared, “We’ve aimed to make data analytics top of mind for associations. We want to create some thought leadership around full data analysis. Don’t solve just one data problem – let’s get as much data as we can into this warehouse, so we can continuously solve problems. And let’s bring the community along for that ride.”

Mark says he is thrilled to be joining the Association Analytics (A2) team, adding, “I’ve always been passionate about working with companies that lift the association market to new heights. After building on 12 years of proven data analytics success, A2 has recently realized an exciting expansion with its product Acumen which any association can take advantage of to reach its goals by making data driven decisions. I look forward to driving client engagement opportunities while maintaining a fun, tight-knit, client-first culture that drives word-of-mouth referrals.”
In addition to his decade with Higher Logic, Mark’s leadership has been shaped by roles at Avectra, Blackboard, Advanced Solutions International, and his tenure at Virginia Tech earning two Bachelor of Science degrees.

On why he chose to invest his talents in Association Analytics, he added, “Every association that has worked with A2 has raved about their experience and what an inclusive game changer A2 was for them. I believe that Acumen is the next big catalyst for associations who aim to remain relevant and competitive in the industry.”

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Association Analytics (A2) is an industry leader in data analysis and management products, services, and training. Assembled with the association professional in mind, Association Analytics is exclusively focused on empowering teams to integrate and interpret compliant data to make better, more confident decisions. These decisions enhance member experiences, optimize processes, drive organizational strategies, and increase revenue. A2’s experts provide the Acumen analytics platform, lead data governance, analytics strategies, training, adoption, fractional analysis, data privacy compliance, and engagement workshops. Learn more at



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